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(For Tightening & Contouring of the Loose Skin & Wrinkles and non-surgical face & body lifts)

Thermage is a recent safe, non-surgical, non-laser, single –session, cosmetic procedure using a computer controlled Capicitative Radio Frequency (CRF) device, for tightening of the loose sagging skin, dissolving skin fat & cellulite and smoothening of the wrinkles & folds and naturally restoring a more youthful appearance with a shine & a glow on the skin. It is offered in the clinic, without ‘down-time’, therefore, patient can resume usual activities immediately. It’s truly a ‘Lunch Break Office procedure’.

How does Thermage work?
Where can the Thermage treatment be useful?
How does one feel during Thermage procedure?
Is it painful?
How much time does the procedure takes?
How will be my skin soon after the treatment?
Do I need any special precautions before or after the treatment?
When can I resume my usual normal activities?
When will I see the results?
How many sessions are required to get desired results?
How long does the effect last?
Is it safe?
Can I be the candidate for the Thermage procedure?
How much does Thermage treatment cost?
Are there any other treatment options, besides Thermage?

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Treatment offered by Dr. K E Mukadam, MD, DVD and his team of  qualified, INDIAN BOARD CERTIFIED  & well trained Cosmetic – Dermatologists.

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