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The team of doctors consist of Qualified Indian board Certified Dermatologists, Trichologists, Cosmetologists, Aesthetic Surgeons, Aesthetic Laser Surgeons, Gynaecologist, Endorinologist and Dietician.


Dr. Mukadam and his qualified & experienced team of doctors and members of staff treat every person visiting this centre with compassion, respect, and dignity, deeply believing in creating a strong and longlasting trusting relationships with patients & clients.


For further information, appointments & contact :-

Dr. (Ms) Pratibha Giri, Our Medical Co-ordinator at DR. MUKADAM’S LASERCURE COSMETIC SKIN & HAIR CENTRE ON :
Mobile : +91-9820102034 / 9819911933 / 9819911477 / 9833547321
Phone : +91-22- 26428429 / 26428430
Email : leocan@lasercure.net