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  • Fat & Cellulite Dissolution :

Cellulite is common in 95% of women above 20 years of age due to hormonal imbalance leading to poor circulation, congestion of lymphatic resulting into fluid retention, weakening of connective tissue, herniation & deposition of stubborn fat into sub cutaneous of the skin and weight gain.

Skin is thickened giving it irregular dimpled orange peel or cottage cheese appearance, more commonly in buttocks, thighs, abdomen (love-handles & belly) and upper arms.

The fat cells of this region stores fat six times more readily and releases them six times less readily. This leads to the stubborn fat deposition refusing to lose weight from the lower part of the body in spite of religiously following either intensive regimes of exercises in gyms or spas or strict diets. Even liposuction could not get rid of this cellulite, as it only removes fat and not fibrous bands of connective tissue herniated into the cellulite skin.

  • How it treats Cellulite & fat deposits?

The natural medicines used in Mesotherapy melt excessive fat and break down fibrous bands, improving circulation, lymphatic and venous drainage, there by smoothening the thickened and dimpled skin surface and losing fat and weight, causing loss in inches rather than kilograms.

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