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Unwanted and excessive hair in unwanted areas is a common problem shared both by men and women. It can be very distressing and becomes the source of considerable embarrassment, limiting people`s activities and lifestyles. Some women experience unwanted or excess hair from the time they reach puberty, getting worse with age and some others may get either during pregnancy or menopause. Many of them may have excessive and unwanted hair through out their life either due to racial or familial or polycystic ovaries or hormonal imbalance. In most of the females there may be no obvious cause at all. Occasionally hair follicles can become irritated or inflamed in the beard areas of men causing painful rash. Irrespective of causative factor, all these conditions may require physical removal of hair and some may also require correction of their underlying medical problem.

Now a days, modern men & women do not like to have hair on their body, they prefer to have their skin absolutely hairless. Therefore, they spend lots of their time and money attempting to eliminate unwanted and excessive hair temporarily by shaving, threading, waxing, chemical depilatories and electrolysis. Many of them are painful, time-consuming and known to cause irritations, folliculitis and in some cases, ugly scarring. Many women are known to regularly waste their well deserved weekly offs in removal of unwanted body hair by waxing or any other methods, thereby sacrificing weekly rest and recreation, adding to their existing anxieties.

Traditional Methods of Hair Removal and Their Limitations : Following popular approaches have been used to try to solve the pesky problem of unwanted and excess hair.

  • Tweezers : The most basic approach to removing unwanted hair is the trusty tweezers. The use of tweezers for hair removal goes to ancient Rome. However, in addition to being painful and time-consuming, plucking unwanted hairs is only a short-term solution as the hair invariably grows back.
  • Shaving and chemical depilatory creams : Shaving unwanted hair is similarly a short-term answer. Rubbing messy chemical depilatory creams on the skin can cause redness and irritation, and have no permanent effect on unwanted hair.
  • Waxing : Waxing is quite popular, even though it provides hair-free results for two to four weeks. It is painful and many experience skin irritation and pimples. Once again, waxing gives temporary relief from hair, necessitating life-long frequent, repeat treatments.
  • Electrolysis : Electrolysis is another attempt at hair removal, but this technique can be invasive, painful and time-consuming, as needles are introduced into each hair follicle individually to treat each hair. It may cause ugly scarring.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) And Lightsheer Diode & Long Pulsed Nd:Yag Lasers : These are the most modern & state of art solutions, approved by FDA-USA for Asian skins and all other types of skins (Types I to VI).

While the following information will not recommend one system over the other, it will provide you with useful details on each system’s characteristic to enable you to decide yourself with the help of your doctor

How IPL / Laser works?
How IPL / Laser treats?
When can I resume my usual normal activities?
Are all colour hairs removed by IPL / Lasers?
IS IPL / lasers safe in Asian Skin Type?
How many treatment sessions do I need?
What precautions should I take before IPL / Laser treatment?
Do I need to take rest after the treatment?
What precaution should I take after treatment?
Which is better: IPL or Laser?



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