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Mesotherapy is innovative non-surgical French technique, in which minute quantity of mesotherapy medicines, consisting of certain natural plant extracts, traditional and homeopathic pharmacologic agents, vitamins, minerals, biotin, amino acids, and other micronutrients are painlessly introduced directly into the desired area of the skin with the help of a special device known as ‘Mesogun’.

Mesotherapy introduced by Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952 in Paris and kept it as a guarded secret to himself till Dr. Jacque Le Coz, his disciple and the founder President of the French Society of Mesotherapy propagated it and popularized it. Dr. Mukadam is amongst the first dermatologists in India who has obtained training and certification from Dr. Jacques Le Coz in Paris.

Mesotherapy useful in the Non-Surgical Treatment of following conditions :

  • Fat reduction and treating cellulite
  • Face & neck rejuvenation sun damaged & ageing skin
  • Hair regrowth in alopecia or baldness
  • Relieves severe pain of arthritis in joints and sport medicine

Treatment offered by Dr. K E Mukadam, MD, DVD and his team of  qualified, INDIAN BOARD CERTIFIED  & well trained Cosmetic – Dermatologists.

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